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2011-07-03 14:14:16 by Octa8t8

Got some new stuff coming soon. Parodies and adventures of Paco, the Mexican Hobo with a Bionic Arm.

Whatever maaaan

I can voice act!

2010-02-19 15:52:48 by Octa8t8

I am thinking about doing some flashes with voice acting in it. My own of course. But I also wanted to know if anyone else needed voice work in their flashes or anything. I'll most likely give a good presentation of what my voice can do in my upcoming flashes. If anyone actually reads this post. Please consider asking me to help one of your flashes. DO IT! DO IT NAAAOOOO!!!!

I've been a fan of Newgrounds before the beginning of time. And now I've finally reached the point where I'm good enough to be a part of it! Hi everybody! My first series I want to put together is called Skitz-O-Frania. It's going to be seperate shorts I'll be posting, and finally, a full episode will be posted with all the shorts added together. But that'll be when I get flash. Which is Christmas of 2009. (3 days)

C'mon Newgrounds! My name is Arin Scalfo and I'll have you for breakfast!